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Unfortunately for me, I have to do much of my grocery shopping, which I commonly refer to as a scavenger hunt, at Hannaford in Amsterdam, NY. 90% of the employees are simply awful to interact with, the exception being the deli staff. They're very nice, and do a nice job. That being said..

Customer service. That's an oxymoron. I am 30 years old, and a regular at this store, so when I attempt to cash in a $5 scratch off ticket and am refused by a miserable woman that ignored me for a good 5 minutes prior to acknowledging me, it is quite aggravating. I know that you must be 18 to purchase lotto fix, but never have I had to show I'd for cashing it. Because I didnt have my ID, I wasn't allowed to cash the ticket. I even read the rules of the redemption on the ticket to her.

My other grievance is the constant black of product. They are ALWAYS out of any and everything. Always. A common practice at this store is to fill in empty spots on shelves by pulling others to the front. Example, yogurt. Rather than restock the correct product, like mango yoplait whips yogurt, they will put whatever is on the shelf, like orange creamsicle yoplait, in its place. Once in a while, OK. But every time? Its just lazy. Iced coffee? Nah, let's just put orange juice in its place. This is why I call it a scavenger hunt. This happened again this morning, and I have reached my limit.

Hannaford, STEP IT UP. District managers, do your job. Manage your stores.

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Oh yeah, her name is Amy Francis and her husband works at Dennis Francis Auto and she’s from Galway. His auto shop is in Scotia.

I hope you see this Mr.

Kevin Richards. Snitches get stitches.


Impossible to have been Kevin Richards to begin with since he didn’t get released until June 22nd 2014 from state prison for statutory rape, not forced rape. Obviously this Amy is a stalker of his.


It may not be relevant, but coming from a convicted Rapist. I feel you should not be complaining about anything.

to Anonymous #1628397

Inflammatory and defamatory


Ah, kevin richards at it again. Ripping more people for sharing their stories of crappy Hannaford and it's crappy workers.

You're an arrogant, condescending, hypocritical little troll. Have a nice day.

to Anonymous #1474497

How do you know this is Mr Richards? The profile of chamy103 comes back to a female named Amy.

Orange, California, United States #797797

I think the reason that you are asked for ID and refused service for the scratch ticket is because you act like a six year old. If you really were 30 as you claimed you would accept responsibility and take blame for forgetting your ID.

If they have the orange flavor rather than the mango flavor they can't magically change the flavor. I know in your six year old mind you believe in magic but that is not how it works. They have to make the shelves look full. If you are having so many problems why not have mommy take you shopping elsewhere.

If you really are 30 as you claim then do your job and have your ID ready since this is not the first time you were asked for ID to purchase a scratch ticket.

Perhaps acting your age as well would not question that you are over 18. They don't need a supposed adult acting like a six year old to tell them to do their jobs.

to kevin richards #1628399

False poster pretending to be someone else

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